Thursday, July 7, 2011

Too dang hot!

Sheltering shade before the ride
Both Harley and I were unmotivated last evening. I let him lollygag down the trail while I whisked away deer and horseflies. The air was thick and heavy, the setting sun still bathing us with its heat. We ambled as far as the deadfall I kissed last week (a.k.a. Lisa's tree) and tried bushwacking around it twice, only to give up. Harley was more than ready to turn back for home, and quite honestly, so was I. He was inspired to break into a trot a few times, but otherwise it was a walking tour for the woods.

When I got back to the barn, Michelle was giving Echoe a snack, and just hanging out with a friend. She too, thought it was too hot for riding. Harley ate for a bit, while I groomed him, enjoying Echoe's company. When he'd had enough, I turned him out, just in time for Pete to arrive and bring them back in for dinner. By the time I left, thunder rumbled in the distance, the wind kicked up, and ominous dark clouds hovered over the barn. I raced him, remembering I had laundry on the line and one scared dog.

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