Monday, February 7, 2011

February Thaw

The winter thaw is here. With temperatures climbing up into the high 30's, Michelle and I took Echoe and Harley for a road ride. The last storm dropped another foot of snow leaving the banks higher still, and the horses hock-deep. Road riding can be dull, but Harley didn't think so--lots to look at; chickens, mailboxes sticking out of snowbanks, people shoveling off their roofs, horse and much to see. He behaved well, despite lost Massachusetts drivers, zooming up and down the road until I waved my hand at them to slow down! Michelle and I had a laugh at them--no wonder they couldn't find the trailhead, they were going too fast.
Ice and rain have left everything slippery, but more snow is on the way. Look out Harley, I see some skis in your future!

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