Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too smart for his own good

Poor Harley has been on and off lame for about 2 weeks now. When John trotted him out for the vet, he  limped only a smidge. She concluded what John had suspected--a splint on his right leg. So...he's to get light work (basically walking) and some bute with his breakfast and dinner. But 'ole Mr. Knobby Knees has been fed some bute in his time and wanted no part of the stuff. Even though it's supposed to taste like apple and molasses, he's onto us. I have to agree with Harley--it has a nasty bitter aftertaste. Mysterious white powder on apples and in his favorite feed won't get by his nose. Maybe we can mix it in with applesauce and see if that works. We'll have to practice devious arts to outsmart Harley.

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