Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out in the woods

Harley's Labor Day weekend was another breakthrough. Sunday, John (mounted on his bike) and Callie joined me for a hack in the woods. We unexpectedly hooked up with some folks from North Point on their horses. It became a joint ride, but one that Harley was a bit fractious on. He didn't want to be last in group! Must have been his former racing career coming out in him. He jigged quite a bit, and really wanted to run a couple of times. We had only one minor incident; Harley backed into the branches, knocking my hunt cap off, and bruising my forehead. Needless to say, we went shopping that afternoon for one of those newfangled helmets with a harness! Callie was beat. I don't think she's gone that far ever with us. Once she hit her bed, she was down for the count.
Yesterday, co-boarder Michelle and I rode again with the North Point gang. This time I put Harley out front and he was a dream! He just wanted his spot, with his gang nearby. We roamed the woods for two hours and had a blast.
This week, I need to get him back out by the fake deer, and to get in a good long canter to release that energy (I sound like Cesar Millan). He does like stretching his legs.

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