Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And my RE-education continues...

After so many years, I feel like a sack of potatoes on Harley. But the tightness in my legs keeps reminding me what I need to do. Harley takes it all like a trouper, but lets us know when he's had enough with a big sigh as he ambles to the middle of the ring. It was a beautiful summer night--breezy, no bugs, temperatures in the low 70's, perfect for an evening ride. John lunged him for a bit, work out the kinks and vinegar, then got up and worked him some more. By the time I rode, he had mellowed out until one of the unsuspecting killdeer jumped up and started scooting down the ringside, in front of Harley. That was enough to send him into a half-hearted spin, but I was ready this time! Jam those heels forward, Lisa! As he hopped back and forth, I got him back under control and we circled back twice--just for good measure. I've a ways to go strengthening my legs, and he has some schooling ahead of him. Under John's tutelage, I think it will all come together for both of us eventually.

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