Sunday, October 30, 2022

What's next for us?

Carrot break for Harley


My brave boy, Halawa Moon, will complete 250 hours towards his next level of the Jockey Club's Recreational Riding Incentive Program very soon with only 17 hours remaining. Due to aging and arthritic changes, we may never reach the next step of 500 hours, and most of it will be done at an easy walk. But since we're both aging together, we keep our goals simple and do as much as we see fit on any given outing.

I'm still amazed that I'm riding the same horse I started this journey with 12 years ago! The first time I tried to go on a trail ride, he spooked at a lawn mower and tossed me to the ground. Now, I'm sauntering through the woods with no reins or stirrups, taking videos of our rides. He's developed so much confidence over the years it boggles my mind. What a great partnership we have now.

Other changes are coming our way soon. Hopefully, our own mini farm, and retirement giving me, and John, even more quality time with the horses, in and out of the saddle. 

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